Thursday, April 23, 2015

Behind The Scenes at Madame Paulette

At Madame Paulette, we service hundreds of personal possessions and pieces of clothing weekly; From sweaters, suits, and lingerie to items as prominent as Princess Diana's collection of dresses or upholstered furniture aboard Donald Trump's private jet.  Each piece requires detail and innovation; no two stains are the same!

Have you ever wondered what happens during the time between when you drop off and pick up your garments? What does Madame Paulette actually do to make things beautiful again?

Think back to when when you were a kid for just a second: Remember when you would go with your parents to get their car washed, and you got to see first-hand that intriguing process behind the glass walls? The spritz of the soap, the giant floppy pads swishing back and forth over the car, or the larger-than life blow dryer you sort of wish you could stand in between? It was the coolest thing, wasn't it? That's sort of how things go down here at Madame Paulette.

Well, maybe not exactly like that.

To provide some insight, we're going to take you on a quick, visual tour of one of the more basic processes that are utilized within the walls of the Madame Paulette factory here in Long Island City to b-e-a-utify the precious garments you present to us:

Step 1: Grab a soiled garment. In this case, a dress where all of the blue has bled into the white part of the garment. CHECK.

Step 2: Spot-Clean each and every one of the stains:

 Step 3: Brush away each stain, with finesse and grace of course:

Step 4: Dunk and dip the dress in a bucket-full of Madame Paulette's secret special sauce:

Step 4: Wring it out and put it in a dryer bag:

 Step 5:  Tumble dry on low heat:

And voilĂ : MAGIC! OK, not magic. Just science.

The "dry cleaning" business may not appear "sexy" from the outside, but we like to think about this differently. We get to take items and transform them from washed out, beat up, and sometimes downright ugly into beautiful, wearable, flaunt-able pieces again. We assist in making you look great. Now THAT is sexy.

We hope you enjoyed the inside scoop into the crazy world of Madame Paulette. More to come!

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