Friday, February 6, 2015

Madame Paulette Mobile Units for Your Fashion Week Needs

Madame Paulette is bustin' out the VIP Mobile Units for fashion week!

We will be providing on-site services throughout fashion week for any and all fashion emergencies that will need tending to.

The MP mobile units can also be booked in advance for special services, such as pickup and delivery of collections.

Who Do the Mobile Units Benefit?

Any designer, client, or VIP involved in fashion week.

What Services does MP provide with the Mobile Unit?

Clean, Tailor or Press before, during and after the show

Send tailors on-site to accommodate fittings.

☻ Pick up a full collection and have it delivered to show and back to showroom.

☻ Pick up runway collections from shows, have it cleaned and returned to showroom the very next day.
☻ Provide gift certificate for any VIP gift bags

How big are the mobile units?

The units are large enough for anyone to comfortably enter in order to have their fashion emergencies tailored on-site, hand finished and spot cleaned. 

How do I book a mobile unit ahead of time?

You can book a mobile unit by calling (347) 689-7021.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or inquiries about our mobile units. We are here to keep your fashion week spotless!

How do I find you during fashion week?

We will be stationed outside of the Lincoln Center. If not right in front, we will be accessible by phone (347-689-7010). Call and we will direct you to our exact location. We will be on-call 24/7 throughout fashion week.