Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gemma Kahng's 2013 Fashion Week Presentation at Gold Bar

Models wearing Gemma Kahng's newest gowns and frocks using feathers, silk and leather layering, and big hair to fuse Native American details with Hollywood’s old silent cinema styles.

Gemma Kahng with some of her models and John Mahdessian and Dorinda Medley of Madame Paulette.

The neologism Champagning goes beyond its goal of bringing together friends in lavish Manhattan venues to socialize and enjoy some bubbles. This weekly NYC fixture has found its way into fashion branding must-haves primarily because Champagning Co-Founder Nicole Rose Stillings pitches these events as opportunities to promote edgy and fresh designers and brands. This past Valentines Day, Champagning reached a fashion pinnacle during New York Fashion week, taking over the SoHo Lounge Gold Bar for a presentation of designer Gemma Kahng.

The innovative, talented and distinct designer said of Stillings, “Nicole represents and wears my dresses well," as Stillings bustled about making sure the show went smoothly. "My collection this year was inspired by Native Americans," Kahng said during the show. "My Korean ancestors and these people are somehow connected and I love how they present themselves, with such pride and beautiful posture."

This would have never been possible without the sponsorship of Madame Paulette, a long-lasting luxury clothing and interiors tailoring and cleaning company. President John Mahdessian and his girlfriend, Dorinda Medley, were there to support and assist with all gowns before, during and after the presentation.

It was a presentation to remember, champagne and all. Gemma Kahng's pieces can be found for purchase online at and various stores throughout the United States, Canada, and Taiwan.