Monday, December 31, 2012

Madame Paulette's Winter 2013 Window Display

John Mahdessian's great aunt was a woman who cherished each of her garments and cared for them like children, only trusting the best and most skilled artisans to handle them. Her husband therefore founded a specialty cleaning company for her prized possessions, which became the astounding company that is now Madame Paulette.

Dorinda Medely is a modern-day Madame Paulette, who says, "my clothes are pieces that represent me, and I adore texture, creativity, and to build upon an idea." When asked to design this season’s window display for Madame Paulette, she therefore wanted to display a scene that represented and honored this appreciation and attention to detail. "I’ve always loved the old-world styles of the early 19th century," Medely explained of her inspiration for the artificial forest that now occupies Madame Paulette’s store-front window. "The Russian romantic era was about layering to create an entire story of detail in an outfit. That is what I like to do with my own clothes and style and what I tried to do here."

From purchasing branches and fake snow at Michael's Arts & Crafts store in Queens to bringing in taxidermy from her own home, Medely went all-out in recreating the Anna Karenina winter wonderland that is now on display. "Madame Paulette is much more than just a cleaning company. They are trying to project a lifestyle and a way to think about one’s clothes," explained Medely.

New York Vintage is an exclusive clothing hub for stylists and others lucky enough to shop there. Medely shifted through the elaborate collection with an idea in mind and stuck to it. "I was so inspired by everything in the store. Even seeing the metallic and sequined pieces that didn’t apply to this project made me think of the window-space as an aquarium," she explained. "I wanted the turquoise, black velvet, light colored raspberry, and all colors of the Romantic early 19th century, and I found it all there."

Dorinda Medely hopes to keep styling and feels the process if much like raising a child or gardening. "I am a very nurturing person, and this whole process was very therapeutic," she said. "It’s healing and soothing to take a blank canvass, or an empty space and build upon it one layer at a time." This is her approach to life along with her outfits, so she was excited to apply it to Madame Paulette’s window-front as well.

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