Monday, December 31, 2012

Madame Paulette's Winter 2013 Window Display

John Mahdessian's great aunt was a woman who cherished each of her garments and cared for them like children, only trusting the best and most skilled artisans to handle them. Her husband therefore founded a specialty cleaning company for her prized possessions, which became the astounding company that is now Madame Paulette.

Dorinda Medely is a modern-day Madame Paulette, who says, "my clothes are pieces that represent me, and I adore texture, creativity, and to build upon an idea." When asked to design this season’s window display for Madame Paulette, she therefore wanted to display a scene that represented and honored this appreciation and attention to detail. "I’ve always loved the old-world styles of the early 19th century," Medely explained of her inspiration for the artificial forest that now occupies Madame Paulette’s store-front window. "The Russian romantic era was about layering to create an entire story of detail in an outfit. That is what I like to do with my own clothes and style and what I tried to do here."

From purchasing branches and fake snow at Michael's Arts & Crafts store in Queens to bringing in taxidermy from her own home, Medely went all-out in recreating the Anna Karenina winter wonderland that is now on display. "Madame Paulette is much more than just a cleaning company. They are trying to project a lifestyle and a way to think about one’s clothes," explained Medely.

New York Vintage is an exclusive clothing hub for stylists and others lucky enough to shop there. Medely shifted through the elaborate collection with an idea in mind and stuck to it. "I was so inspired by everything in the store. Even seeing the metallic and sequined pieces that didn’t apply to this project made me think of the window-space as an aquarium," she explained. "I wanted the turquoise, black velvet, light colored raspberry, and all colors of the Romantic early 19th century, and I found it all there."

Dorinda Medely hopes to keep styling and feels the process if much like raising a child or gardening. "I am a very nurturing person, and this whole process was very therapeutic," she said. "It’s healing and soothing to take a blank canvass, or an empty space and build upon it one layer at a time." This is her approach to life along with her outfits, so she was excited to apply it to Madame Paulette’s window-front as well.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gifts for the man who already has everything

The Hanger Project's new virtual Holiday Gifting Boutique features an assortment of luxury must-haves from the US, London, France and Italy. All personally chosen by Kirby Allison, himself, these products are of the highest quality craftsmanship and are sure to delight the man who has everything.

We are pleased to report that one of those luxury products is our patented Professional Stain Removal Kit. It surpasses all other stain removal products on the market. Unlike conventional stain removers, we have taken into account the two most important factors for safe and effective stain removal: time and the most effective cleaning agent ('s proprietary information).

The stain kit was developed with the upscale traveler, hotel guest and bride in mind but Kirby gets our stamp of approval for identifying this as a necessity for discerning men.

Please visit Kirby Allison’s Holiday Gifting Boutique at to purchase our stain kit this year!

Madame Paulette's November Employee of The Month!

Machine Operator/Spotter/Leather Technician
November 2012

Alex loves the fact that his job brings challenges each and every day.  He gives more than 100% effort in accomplishing his own goals, as well assisting all the other departments in any way that he can.  The satisfaction of customers is his number one priority.  In his leasure, Alex likes shopping for clothes, hanging out with friends and most of all, enjoying quality time with his wife, son and daughter.  Congratulations Alex!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Madame Paulette's September Employee of The Month!

Customer Support Representative
September 2012

Courtney is a Psychology major at the College of New Rochelle.  Her favorite colors depend on the season: Orange in the Spring/Summer; Navy Blue in the Fall/Winter.  She enjoys reading romance novels, and dancing is her favorite hobby.  As versatile in dance genres as she is with tackling customer service challenges, this spunky Madame Paulette staffer brings her love of family and happiness to each customer call.  Congratulations Courtney!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tis the Season of Fur, Couture & Nature at Madame Paulette!

Each and every season, world-renowned custom couture cleaner Madame Paulette® fashions its window displays to be over the top and better than its competition. Everyone is in awe this winter as Madame Paulette® decked the walls with fur, couture and nature; fur pieces designed by Helen Yarmak, elegant evening gowns designed by Naeem Khan, Valentino, Pronovias, stuffed taxidermy including a bear cub, a turkey, a wolf and a porcupine in a rich forest scenery with real pine trees topped with artificial snow.

Madame Paulette’s boutique is strategically nestled within the noted Upper East Side neighborhood in an area with a high volume of foot traffic. Madame Paulette’s demographic includes high profile celebrities, socialites and fashionistas and its windows rival luxury department stores such as Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Madame Paulette® offers an array of cleaning services including designer apparel cleaning, fine European tailoring, bridal cleaning and preservation, bridal alterations, couture care, vintage care, hand-laundering of shirts, fine linens and bedding, interior cleaning, and restoration services including leather, suede and fur cleaning.

ABOUT MADAME PAULETTE®: Founded half a century ago, having achieved the status of being the finest Custom Couture Cleaner in the world, Madame Paulette® offers state-of-the-art, unrivaled cleaning services for its clientele — including internationally-renowned Couture designers (Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior and Chanel, among others), retail establishments (Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue), celebrities (Alicia Keys, Chelsea Clinton, Eva Longoria), high-profile VIPs (Carl Ichan, Donald Trump, Anna Wintour) and iconic establishments (The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art). Madame Paulette® boasts an unparalleled expertise and attention to detail.

For further information, please visit, like Madame Paulette on Facebook, and follow Madame Paulette on Twitter.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Store Your Clothing Tips from John Mahdessian of Madame Paulette

If you're like every New Yorker, you have too many clothes to fit into your tiny closet space. To learn how to store your clothing and transition your wardrobe from season to season, here are tips from John Mahdessian of high-end New York cleaner Madame Paulette.

1. Go Through Your Closets
If you're looking to transition your closets from one season to another, now is the time to evaluate your wardrobe for items that you no longer wear. Look at each piece and think about the last time you wore it. If it no longer fits on you or in your wardrobe - donate it!

There are several organizations out there that would welcome your pieces, like the Salvation Army.

2. Cleaner is Better
Make sure that each piece is thoroughly clean before packing. Particles left on items can stain and set into your clothes after several months of storage. Cleaning the clothes also means that insects will be less likely to take up residence in your sweaters and knits.

Pay attention to care labels and launder or dry clean the pieces before stashing them away. Any stains should be removed, either professionally at a dry cleaner or with a Madame Paulette Stain Removal Kit ($12.50).

3. Storage Bins
Place folded items in large plastic containers with airtight lids that can easily be stacked and stored under beds, in closets or in storage. Bed, Bath and Beyond and The Container Store have bins in all shapes and sizes.

4. Pest Control
While no pest-deterrent is guaranteed, try adding cedar, lavender or rosemary to the containers with your clothing. Moth balls tend to be too harsh for many clothing items and have a less-than-pretty smell when you open up the containers the next season.

5. To Hang or Not to Hang?
While you should hang suits and costs, never hang sweaters or other knit items that can become misshapen by long-term hanging.

If your items can't be hung, stack them in garment bags away from water and carpeting. Stack your folded items from the lightest items on top to the heaviest items on bottom. Stacking items loosely will still allow air to circulate.

6. "Clean, Cool, Dark, and Dry"
Remember Clean, Cool, Dark, and Dry. Your storage area must be all four of these in order to protect your clothing. Clean any area thoroughly before storing.

Choose a place that is not likely to be exposed to heat. A dark place will prevent fading and keep the clothing cool. Make sure the storage area is dry because wetness can attract mildew and insects.

To learn more about Madame Paulette, please visit

Monday, January 23, 2012


Over the years, President of the world-renowned custom couture cleaner Madame Paulette®, John Mahdessian has researched, experimented and pioneered processes and techniques that have set new standards for the entire cleaning industry worldwide, dedicated to the mastery of cleaning, restoration and preservation of home furnishings and interior textiles. His extensive interior innovations include:

 Private Yacht & Aviation Interior Cleaning
 Wall-to-Wall Carpeting
 Draperies & Window Treatments
 Upholstery Cleaning
 Antique Carpets and Oriental Rugs
 Area Rugs (Reweaving, Re-Dying & Restoring)
 Fabric Blinds, Balloon Shades & Curtains
 Estate Interior Cleaning & Restoration
 Water, Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration
 Soot & Smoke Removal
 Air Purification & Ionization
 Debris & Comprehensive Dust Removal
 Ozone Treatment (Odor Removal)
 Fabric Wall Treatments
 Mildew Removal

Due to these innovations, John as partnered with top restaurants such as Jean-Georges, Bouley and Brushstroke, top hotels such as The Plaza Hotel, The Mandarin Hotel and The Four Seasons, iconic establishments such as the Museum of Modern Art, Radio City Music Hall, 15 Central Park West and Cosmopolitan Club, and lastly, real estate agencies such as Stribling & Associates, Sotheby’s International Real Estate and Corcoran Group Real Estate.

Each year, the luxury cleaning industry is faced with increasing challenges as designs become more intricate, and new, innovative fabrics are developed. This can present a variety of difficulties in the care and cleaning of textiles. Madame Paulette® and its skilled team are equipped to meet these challenges, continuing to set the standards for its industry. Each item is meticulously cleaned, no matter how large or how small the job may be.

As an expert in the industry, John Mahdessian suggests homes and personal valued possessions must be regularly serviced in order to maintain its integrity and value. As experts in the field, Madame Paulette® suggests that homes and valued personal properties in addition to textiles and furnishings undergo a comprehensive dust removal and interior cleaning service at least once a year.

John’s success has allowed him to pursue numerous philanthropic ventures. Recently, John was awarded the American Liver Foundation’s 10th Anniversary Honors Gala honored John with the Spirit of New York Award for his charitable efforts and dedication to the cause. In addition, John and the Madame Paulette ® Organization professionally and meticulously cleaned the dresses exhibited (and later auctioned) for Swarovski Elements’ 22 Ways to Say Black, which benefited the American Cancer Society— John was also the winning bidder for one of the exclusive frocks. At the New Yorkers for Children Fall Gala, John led the Madame Paulette® team in donating cleaned and tailored suits for twenty different children who benefit from the organization’s wonderful work.

John serves as Chairman of the Board for Fashion Donations, and has created partnerships with CANCER 101® and the Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation. Madame Paulette has made numerous contributions to charitable organizations, including American Liver Foundation, New Yorkers for Children, Children’s Cancer & Blood Foundation, the New York Junior League and the Armenia Tree Project. He is also a member of the Fraternal Order of Police as well as an Associate Member of the New Jersey State Law Enforcement Agency. A graduate of Villanova University (B.S. Business Administration), John Mahdessian almost began his career at one of New York City’s most prestigious investment banking firms, ultimately deciding to join the family business, allowing his father to retire following 30 years in business.

If you are interested in scheduling a deskside or phone interview with John, please inform us of your availability and we will schedule accordingly at your earliest convenience.

For further information, please visit, like Madame Paulette on Facebook, and follow Madame Paulette on Twitter.

Monday, January 16, 2012


World-renowned custom couture cleaner Madame Paulette® has won “Best of the Best” in Avenue Magazine’s Concierge Edition. According to New York’s top hotels and ultimate insiders, Madame Paulette® offers the best on-and off-site cleaning services and has set the standard for the entire cleaning industry worldwide. Madame Paulette® is the number one choice of many top New York hotel concierges for luxury cleaning services.

Madame Paulette® offers an array of cleaning services including designer apparel cleaning, fine European tailoring, bridal cleaning and preservation, bridal alterations, couture care, vintage care, hand-laundering of shirts, fine linens and bedding, interior cleaning, restoration services including leather, suede and fur cleaning. Madame Paulette® is available for any cleaning emergency twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to hotels, apartments, homes and offices.

For more information, please visit