Monday, July 13, 2015

MEGA BRIDAL GIVEAWAY: FREE Hair, Makeup, & Gown Alterations! (NYC)

Madame Paulette and David Groshen Salon have teamed up to do something EPIC for a bride-to-be!


* Hair design on the day of her wedding
* Makeup design on the day of her wedding
* Alterations to her gown
* A bridal gift bag full of goodies (portable stain kit, hair & makeup samples, gift cards & more!)

The value of this giveaway is $2,500+! 

There's really no other day as special as your wedding day, and our teams understand that. Your beauty and your wedding gown will be in the hands of leading industry professionals. You will receive top-notch, personable, one-on-one attention from the couture seamstresses at Madame Paulette, and your hair and makeup will be everything you've ever dreamed of and more when you're in the hands of the fine people at David Groshen Salon!


* Hair & makeup includes a free trial look prior to the wedding!
* Bride must come into the salon on the day of her wedding for hair & makeup services. (Salon is located at 857 Lexington Ave.)
* Alterations to your gown will be made at the Madame Paulette boutique location located at 1255 2nd Ave. NY, NY.
* Gown alterations will be made free of charge up to a $1,500 value.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Madame Paulette Services in The Hamptons This Summer

We're excited to be joining you in The Hamptons this summer! We will be around to help you clean, restore, preserve and prepare your interior textiles and home furnishings within your summer home.

Our skilled craftsmen safely eradicate stains and hand-finish entire homes to perfection. This is followed with 100& Green Fiber Protection for all textiles; including leather, suede, and other surfaces to safeguard and prolong the life of all interior textiles.

We suggest homes undergo a comprehensive dust removal and interior cleaning service once a year. Homes and household furnishings mist be regularly serviced in order to maintain cleanliness; and the start of the summer season is a wonderful time to do so.

Mobile unit services will be available by appointment from Southampton to East Hampton and Montauk.

For your complimentary consultation, please call one of our specialists at 1-877-COUTURE or e-mail us at

The summer is your time to unwind and to enjoy beautiful weather and good company. Leave the cleaning and beautifying to us!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Keep It Spotless, Make the Sale: Calling All Real Estate Professionals!

Dear Real Estate Professional,

For more than half a century, Madame Paulette has been acclaimed as the world’s leading expert and resource for cleaning, restoration, and preservation of couture and designer apparel, vintage collectibles and fine fabrics, including all interior textiles and home furnishings.

As home buying and selling season heats up, Madame Paulette is ready to assist you with your sale via our custom interior cleaning program.  This specialized program can be custom tailored for your specific needs as a real estate professional for both residential and commercial properties. The program will enable you to schedule a thorough interior cleaning preparing the space for the new homeowner.

The interior cleaning and restoration services are designed to maintain and preserve the integrity of your valued home interior textiles and furnishings. Within a short period of time, our skilled artisans and craftsman will efficiently and thoroughly prepare the home for the new arrivals restoring it back to its original pristine condition. We can also assist any of your current homeowners and or yourself with any of our interior cleaning services anywhere in the tristate areas including the Hampton's which we are rendering our fine services twice a week throughout the season. 

Madame Paulette has received accolades from New York’s premiere interior designers and architectural firms for our fine interior cleaning services. We’ve have worked with over 65 of Architectural Digest’s 2014 Top 100 Interior Design Firms including Peter Marino, Jacques Grange, Thierry Despont, and Victoria Hagan to name a few!  We have also been recommended by leading insurance companies as we hold the highest rate of restoration for water, fire and smoke damage claims for all fine apparel and interior home furnishings and textiles. 

We’ll make it spotless so you can make the sale.

For more information, please call us at 1-877-COUTURE ext. 727, or e-mail us at for a complimentary consultation via digital photograph. Please feel free to forward to all your friends and colleagues.

Monday, May 18, 2015

An Alliance You Can Rely On: *15% Off Transportation & MP Services When You Travel with Reliance

Madame Paulette has partnered with the lifestyle transportation company Reliance Group for all of your transportation needs.  As a patron of Madame Paulette, we hold you in high regard, and can only offer you the best in luxury, service, and quality.  The Reliance Group parallels the level of expertise and luxury that the Madame Paulette brand values, therefore we are confident that you will be pleased with their specialty travel services.

Whether local or long-distance travel, for leisure or business, Reliance Group will cover any and all of your transportation needs with style, ease and comfort. They also come equipped with a large fleet of vehicles ranging from Executive, Exotic, and Stretch Limousines to Buses and Vans.  Reliance Group can take you to over 630 destinations in 50 countries worldwide, and can even cater to road shows, events, and large functions throughout the world.

To celebrate the new partnership you are entitled to a *15% discount towards Madame Paulette premium services (please click to view) AS WELL AS Reliance Transportation Services!

**Discount Code(s): MPRA15 for Madame Paulette | REMA15 for Reliance Transportation Group

We invite you to contact our Customer Service Liason, Lauren DiBello, by phone at (718)-482-9210 ext. 720, or via e-mail at so that she may apply your discount.

For more information about Reliance Group, and to arrange travel, please visit

Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries!

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* Offer of 15% off on Madame Paulette premium services is only valid if you utilize Reliance Group services. Offer must be redeemed through Reliance Group and proof of purchase must be verified before Madame Paulette discount can be applied. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Offer valid for onetime use only. 

** Offer expires 9/29/2015

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hollywood News: How to Keep Your Winter Coat Looking Great

Hollywood News: How to Keep Your Winter Coat Looking Great: How to Keep Your Winter Coat Looking Great : Model Giedre Dukauskaite at New York Fashion Week last February. Photo: Ashley Jahncke/Fashio...

Friday, April 24, 2015

Madame Paulette and the Armenian Genocide

Today, April 24th, tragically marks the 100-year anniversary of the beginning of the Armenian Genocide: The systematic extermination of millions of Armenians in their own homeland by the Ottoman Empire (which is currently Turkey).

The history and foundation of Madame Paulette and the Great Uncle of the current Madame Paulette President, John Mahdessian, established in the1950s is inexplicably intertwined with this event.

John Mahdessian’s ancestors grew up in a part of Armenia which is currently now mainland Turkey. They were robbed of possessions and a heritage that John has rekindled in the current ethos of Madame Paulette. It is of no surprise that his great-great grandfather was the first man in town to purchase and own a sewing machine. It is safe to say that dry cleaning/alterations was ingrained in the blood of the family from the very beginning!

John’s ancestors became victims of the genocide atrocity that took place in 1915. John’s grandfather Gaidzag Vetzigian (1 of 2 out of 6 siblings who survived the Genocide) endured what no human being, especially a seven-year-old child, should ever endure. The family was torn apart: his mother and sisters were taken and turned into slaves, most of his siblings died as a result of this genocide; forced to march endless miles to concentration camps. During this march of death, the remaining siblings passed away due to various reasons ranging from starvation to Typhoid Disease. Gaidzag even witnessed the murder of his own father and brother right before his young, innocent eyes.

Being completely separated from any family he had left, Gaidzag was forced to live in a Turkish orphanage where they tried to convert him to the Muslim faith, forcing him daily to read the Quran. During this time, unbeknownst to him, his relentless and courageous mother located him at the Turkish orphanage after two years of searching. She carefully devised and planned for his escape to America in 1920. With her influence, he was adopted by an Aunt and smuggled to America. It would be two years later before the young Gaidzag would eventually reunite with his mother.  

This moving story of overcoming the worst odds ever stacked against an individual or group of people exemplifies the experiences of the survivors and children of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide.  

We at Madame Paulette are recognized as the world leaders in the field of cleaning and restoration, and are proud Armenian descendants. The Armenian heritage is deeply within us and is the root of the courage that is embodied in our family business.

One of many of our family's commitments that we hold dear to our heart goes hand-in-hand with our company's heritage rooted in the Armenian plight. We have provided restoration work at the St. Vartan Cathedral in New York City; which is the first Cathedral of the Armenian Apostolic Church to be built in the USA as well being the archdiocese for all Armenian churches in the United States. We also provide the cleaning of vestments for the deacon and clergy which is just one of the many ways Madame Paulette and the Mahdessian family has supported their church and their fellow Armenians

Gaidziag (George) Vetzigian, who passed away 13 years ago was a beloved member of the St. Vartan Cathedral. For over 50 years, Gaidziag dedicated his time to his church by becoming a Knight of Vartan; and his children and childrens' children followed in his very footsteps. John and Noubar Madessian are both Knights of Vartan, as Ann and Laura Mahdessian have been long time members of the Daughters of Vartan and are all very happy to serve their church and the Armenian community.

Madame Paulette is #ArmenianStrong

Top: Gaidzag Vetzigian with his two daughters (left) Ann Mahdessian, and (right) Adrian Movsesian
Bottom: Gaidzag Vetzigian with his grandchildren Laura, Greg, and John Mahdessian

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Behind The Scenes at Madame Paulette

At Madame Paulette, we service hundreds of personal possessions and pieces of clothing weekly; From sweaters, suits, and lingerie to items as prominent as Princess Diana's collection of dresses or upholstered furniture aboard Donald Trump's private jet.  Each piece requires detail and innovation; no two stains are the same!

Have you ever wondered what happens during the time between when you drop off and pick up your garments? What does Madame Paulette actually do to make things beautiful again?

Think back to when when you were a kid for just a second: Remember when you would go with your parents to get their car washed, and you got to see first-hand that intriguing process behind the glass walls? The spritz of the soap, the giant floppy pads swishing back and forth over the car, or the larger-than life blow dryer you sort of wish you could stand in between? It was the coolest thing, wasn't it? That's sort of how things go down here at Madame Paulette.

Well, maybe not exactly like that.

To provide some insight, we're going to take you on a quick, visual tour of one of the more basic processes that are utilized within the walls of the Madame Paulette factory here in Long Island City to b-e-a-utify the precious garments you present to us:

Step 1: Grab a soiled garment. In this case, a dress where all of the blue has bled into the white part of the garment. CHECK.

Step 2: Spot-Clean each and every one of the stains:

 Step 3: Brush away each stain, with finesse and grace of course:

Step 4: Dunk and dip the dress in a bucket-full of Madame Paulette's secret special sauce:

Step 4: Wring it out and put it in a dryer bag:

 Step 5:  Tumble dry on low heat:

And voilĂ : MAGIC! OK, not magic. Just science.

The "dry cleaning" business may not appear "sexy" from the outside, but we like to think about this differently. We get to take items and transform them from washed out, beat up, and sometimes downright ugly into beautiful, wearable, flaunt-able pieces again. We assist in making you look great. Now THAT is sexy.

We hope you enjoyed the inside scoop into the crazy world of Madame Paulette. More to come!

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